About Us


NEKO is the ultimate destination for cat lovers & cats

We are a unique and fun space in the heart of Capitol Hill. We've got coffee, beer, wine & light nibbles all in the company of CATS! We've partnered with RASKC to bring you adoptable cats of all shapes and sizes and personalities. Whether it be happy hour after work, a private party in your very own room, or Sunday morning coffee, we've got you covered! When reservations are full in the kitty room, don't forget the cozy bar & cafe is always a great spot to chill.

We’re here to make a difference.

We are here to put a smile on your face and a cat on your lap all while helping out cats that need us most. 


behind the scenes

This is Caitlin, founder and head cat lady of neko cat cafe.

After living abroad in both Japan and Vietnam for the past 3 years, she fell in love with the cat cafe culture. While she wasn't busy teaching Kindergarten in Japan, she visited every cat cafe possible, dreaming of opening her own upon her return to Seattle. The combination of her love for cats and a decade in the restaurant industry made NEKO a natural progression. She has created a place where you can bring your friends for happy hour and your niece on Saturday morning. Her main mission of NEKO is to help the kitties that need it most. She strives to give cats the sanctuary they deserve and adults the kind of retreat they didn't even know existed! 

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