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Our cats are our top priority

NEKO has partnered with some of healthiest and yummiest cat food brands.

Lotus Pet Food and Weruva provide us with some of the best cat food out there. From their holistic approach to nutrition and their naturally sourced ingredients, we are very pleased to feed our cats the healthiest cat foods on the market ensuring that they stay healthy!

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What makes our cats unique

Our cats are all diagnosed with an immune deficiency called FeLV

FeLV stands for Feline Leukemia Virus. It can weaken a cat’s immune system and can predispose him or her to developing other conditions such as cancer. FeLV is a serious disease and NEKO wants to help the kitties that need it most!

What is FeLV?

FeLV, or Feline Leukemia Virus, is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats. This virus can weaken a cat’s immune system and may predispose them to developing other conditions.

Why are you hosting FeLV-positive cats at NEKO?

We want to spread the word that cats with FeLV are just as deserving of loving homes as other cats! These cats can still be fantastic pets and lead very happy lives.

By showcasing these cats at NEKO, we hope to get them adopted faster and provide them with a great place to live while they wait to find their forever families!  

Is it safe for me to visit cats at NEKO if I have cats at home?


FeLV is spread through close personal contact between cats, usually involving saliva. The virus is only transmittable among cats; it cannot be spread to humans, dogs or other animals.

What do adopters need to know about FeLV-positive cats?

FeLV-positive cats can live very happy lives. Adopters should know that these cats may have a shorter life span and they should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible if a problem is noticed. We recommend that adopters schedule wellness visits with their veterinarian regularly.

FeLV-positive cats should live indoors only to prevent infection to other cats and reduce their risk of getting sick. They should not live in a home where they would have contact with non-infected cats. However, it is okay for these cats to live with children, dogs and other types of animals.

For more information on FeLV, check out these resources:

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